Turkey Breast Roll with Pumpkin, Potatoes & Gravy (10 serve)

Turkey Breast Roll with Pumpkin, Potatoes & Gravy (10 serve)

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Cooking time: 80 min

Serves 10

The best thing about this turkey roll, is that it is entirely boneless and takes much less time to cook than a whole turkey, let alone finding space in the fridge to store a whole bird. If it's set to be a roasting hot day, you can cook it the day before, slice on the day and serve cold! We've added an easy mix gravy made locally here in Perth by Ugly Mug Bone Broth: Made with drippings from roasted free range chicken wings for an intense flavour. Chicken Bone Broth has been used to provide a collagen rich gravy to aid in better gut & general body health.

What's included:

1 Each Turkey Breast Roll (min weight 2.2kg)
3 Stalk Rosemary
1000 Grams Chat Potatoes
3 Each Garlic Clove
3 Tablespoons Whole Grain Mustard
3 Tablespoons Butter (Pantry)
4 Each Shallot
600 Grams Kent Pumpkin
1 Each gravy concentrate